Friday, April 28, 2017

The dinner party

the dinner party

Yuki, really hadn't thought much about where they were going. All that mattered, he wouldn't be stuck in his tiny dorm room, focused on a text book.

True, his grades were good, but he'd been in the NO FUN ZONE for an awful long time now.

Yes, his heart might still belong to his first love, but the distance of the University and studies had settled in like a long winter's night. It was spring wasn't it? Couldn't he do what normal people did now?

By May he would be showing off his medical skills at the local emergency room. He was almost there in the real world. At the moment, it was nice to go out and try something new.

Although, it didn't take Yuki long to know this was not exactly new. When he saw Effy's face, he acted as if he didn't know why she was so surprised.

It was easy to see she'd forgotten about him.

Oh, he'd heard that story of her's going around, how he was the one who was the stalker.

Yet, it was too late to talk about it now.

Effy was with that medical student Jamie and well, he was with Corina.

Naturally, he'd heard on the way over about Corina's best friend. Wouldn't Corina know of him by now, or did Effy leave that out, too?

He winced, trying to manage a relaxed appearance.

There were others. All that handshaking. Of course, he didn't like it at all. Germs.

But, he sat next to Effy in the floor. Not even a real table to eat on. Such an urban casual gathering.

And Corina acted as if they'd known each other for a very long time. He was certain he would be done with her, by now. All that giddiness was enough to last a life time, after thirty minutes.

After all, it was pulled pork on a bun with lots of chips and dips and a carrot or two, just to suffice a few hunger pains.

Afterwards, Effy went to pull out the board games. No way was Yuki going to sit through a few more hours of this.

He took Corina's hand.

"Let's go." He looked at her, as if they had leave.

"Huh?" She looked at him as if this was totally unexpected.

"I forgot...I..I have something I need to do." Suddenly, it was if he was suffocating. Somehow, Yuki always thought he'd meant more to Effy. He guessed not.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Then I know I don't have to hide from anyone

Then I know I don't have to hide from anyone

Becca almost took a step back.

Perhaps, it was a blast from the past, but she didn't miss him.

One thing for sure, she hadn't missed Joey.

There were several things she learned from being in a relationship with Joey.

1. Don't settle for a lazy bum who'd rather be on a used couch than going out.

2. Don't fuss over the little stuff.

3. Marry a man who will take out the trash.

4. Be thankful you didn't get completely mixed up with him, even if you almost did.

She pressed her lips tight, but she couldn't avoid him. Especially, when she could see he thought the worst.

After all, she was the one who broke up with him and went off to North Dakota to stay the winter with her brother's friend. Maybe she was never in the perfect family, it had been a tough road. Life had went on. She'd worked in a truck stop for some time. Yet, she'd managed to find a solider and they go married because..well, after all, they couldn't live without each other.

Soon he'd spent some time overseas, but he managed to return and then, they ended up here.

Still, it felt a lot to tell Joey. And with a 9 month old ready to get down and walk, life was always on the go.

"Oh, I didn't know." She smiled, but it was true..Becca didn't know Joey had a daughter.

He kept waiting for her resolve some truth.

"My husband, Cole..we live on the base." She nodded with a smile.

"I see." Still, he looked a bit lost as if it was all a lie.

"So you didn't go back to Minnesota?" She thought she remembered him saying, he was, but then he told her a lot of things she didn't quite believe. Sometimes, she thought he didn't believe a word she said.

"I..I thought went to your grandmother's." He then said.

She shook her head, no. Becca hadn't a clue what he was talking about. She shook her head, no.

"Hope, you're doing OK?" Becca didn't want to be concerned. She felt she didn't have to be. After all, she would have never thought about him, again..if she hadn't seen him.

"Oh, yeah." He cracked a smile. "You, too."

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Big Hands, I know you're the one

Big hands, I know you're the one

"So, he's not that bad, is he?" Joey wanted to know about Sunny while they(he and Dakota) were at the grocery store deli buying lunch to take to the park,

He'd missed Easter with her, but it sounded like she'd been to plenty of Easter egg hunts and was doted with a pretty spring frock from Ducky's mother.

Still, Dakota was being a little indifferent these days, as if he'd have to try harder to win her back. Yet, he was glad she was at Xander and Ducky's. He felt calm about her getting everything she needed. He wasn't certain he could give her everything, especially his attention..all the time.

He let her pick her favorites. Of course, chicken strips, not chicken legs and she wanted mac and cheese, too.

"I bet its not as good as Xander's." He remembered.

"He makes a lot of stuff now." She told him that Xander was staying home these days. He wasn't going to the University now and he wasn't a medic, anymore.

"Huh." Joey didn't know. Here he was worrying about finding a better job. Perhaps, it was something to take his mind off Chelsea.

Yet, he felt certain he needed to think about his future with Dakota. What could he do, to provide for her?

He paid for the sack lunch and added a few soda's to his hand held basket. They turned to leave, but there was a young woman with a baby. It was like a blast from the past. Joey was sure he was seeing things.

His feet wouldn't move as she walked toward him.

"Becca?" He could barely say. There eyes met and Joey thought he might faint.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Be careful what you wish for

be careful what you wish for

Wasn't this what she'd been waiting for? Going to those dinner parties at Effy and Jamie's apartment?

Of course, Corina looked as if she wasn't interested. Perhaps, it was a persistent scowl she had these days. Nothing seemed to be going her way. She guessed she should have been happy when Effy invited her when she found her at the University Coffee Shop.

"Only, if I can bring a date." Corina was straight lipped.

"But..but you don't have, too." Effy's big eyes looked as if she might have a surprise waiting for Corina, or she was so surprised that Corina would have a date. "Or you seeing someone?"

Corina only laughed, doing her best to be coy.

"Who'll be there, anyway?" Corina pursed her lips as if it had to be a list of people she would want to associate with.

"Um, Howie has been coming. Sometimes, Gabby comes too."

"Did she break up with the library shelver?" Corina wanted to know. Honestly, she saw enough of Will as it was. She didn't need to see him outside of work.

"I dunno." Effy shrugged. "I hadn't asked, but he never comes."

"Hmm.." Corina was a little suspicious of Gabby and Howie. "Do you think they're a couple?"

"I think they're just friends." Effy nodded.

"Friends with benefits." Corina hugged herself hard. She didn't think Howie was nearly as perfect as he used to be. She was beginning to dislike him more and more. Perhaps, it had to do that he had no interest in her, anymore.

Effy sighed as if she didn't like Corina's attitude.

"Only, if I can bring a date." Corina didn't really want to come.

"But, really, you don't need a date." Effy told her.

Corina turned and marched toward the commons area, across from the bookstore.

She needed a date or she wouldn't go. She could just stay up late on her iphone watching You Tube. Naturally, she felt a little sad these days. Depressed, she guessed.

Would she ever be happy again?

She went into the student's art gallery. There were some dark fantasy paintings. Some were more fan fiction with Star Wars icons while others looked as if they'd drawn it... then colored it like a therapeutic exercise.

"These look so juvenile." A voice came from overhead.

She looked up, unsure how to respond. Finally, the tall skinny guy stood beside her. She looked him over, but remained silent.

"You, are so right." She said with a nod. He nodded back.

"Want to go to this dinner party with me?" She said it as if it was only a joke.

"What time?" He wanted to know.

"Oh." She looked at him. This guy wanted to go out with her? Corina almost laughed.