Monday, June 26, 2017

living the dream

Living the dream

Bo was a little let down that the band wasn't even out of town yet. This meant he had to spend another weekend at home.

True, he didn't have a hard life, but he didn't do much, either. It was boring at home, while their show at the festival had been a rush. He loved being with the band. Everything was so upbeat and the cheers from people.

He had no idea anyone even knew who he was.

Now, the University wanted them back for a full concert. This was the real deal. Not just three cover song, but a playlist of upbeat music to last until almost midnight.

This was the way it was suppose to be.

He was almost in a panic about it. He really didn't know if he could go the length of a three hour show.

At least, there was Keith, who would take on a few songs. Honestly, he was counting on him to get him through band camp (so to speak). Honestly, he was a newbie at this, and he didn't want anyone to know how truly scared he was.

What if he couldn't handle it?

He messed with his amplifier as they were getting ready to practice. He couldn't help but to be in  serious mode.

He heard someone laughing then. It was Gabby with the guy who was driving the bus.

Bo stared at her, wondering what was so funny. He wanted to say something to her, but he didn't know what to say.

"Is everything OK?" Gabby looked at him. Bo only nodded. He turned from her and winced hard. He'd hardly said a thing to her since finding out she was his manager.

"Hey," Her voice woke him, he felt as if he almost jumped out  his skin. Bo turned to look down at Gabby's sunny smile.

"What?" He looked a little bug eyed.

"Thanks, for making this happen." Her smile was open and he found himself just wanting to stare at her.

"Oh..yeah..sure." He barely managed. Her hand grazed his back. He thought he might lose consciousness, entirely. But he stood completely still. He was breathing, after all.

"You're gonna slay the summer." He listened to her quaint voice, soft and full of sweetness.

He gave her a straight lip smile and nodded. He would definitely try his best.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

brother to brother

brother to brother

"I really wish you'd told me this, sooner." Xander didn't mean to be so disgruntled, but getting his brother Simon to go out with him lately, was like a dreadful trip to the dentist. Simon was not his old happy self. Of course, he always thought Simon was following his girlfriend Bree's lead for the most part.

At least, he met up at the outlet mall with him to go shopping for their Dad's birthhday.

"Well, its..really not a big deal." Simon kept stirring his smoothie.

"Not a big deal?" Xander looked at him blankly. "If you can't..just ask her..what's going on..then..I'd break up with her."

Simon didn't like the sound of that. He shook his head, no.

"Do you like Ivy?" Xander wanted to know.

"She's..she's easy too." Simon almost stuttered. "I mean, I..I hadn't planned on talking about it. But, it was the end of school..and it was just the two of us, that met up. Bree and Randy bailed."

" make it sound, as if they... are up to something." Xander tilted his head with a slight smirk.

Simon sighed as if he'd already let it go.

"We, we went to a movie..since then..and I..I guess..we're OK." Simon spoke of Bree, as he nursed his bottom lip.

"You guess?" Xander wanted to be helpful. He wanted to know what to do. Especially, when there was Sunny to worry about, when it came to dating. "I dunno. If you want to break up, then you really should. What if this kind of thing, gets worse? Can you live with that?"

"I know." Simon looked at him, ever so serious.

Xander knew it was only high school. "You've got one more year. Maybe, its time, to just enjoy it for you. You know, taking the classes that might help you decide what you want to do, when you start college. Maybe, you should be in theater. Make it a great Senior year. You, don't have to be, just Bree's boyfriend."

Saturday, June 24, 2017

never again is what you said the time before

never again is what you said the time before

Louis was in charge now. Wasn't that all he ever wanted? He wasn't so sure, anymore.

True, he finally figured out why Callum counted on him so much. Callum was the worst when it came to decisions, and yet who had handed him over the company.

"If I don't..I might as well go bankrupt." Callum assured him that it wouldn't happen if Louis made the decisions.

Besides, Callum was going through his own problems. Sometimes, Louis had no idea who his best friend was. Yet somehow, life prevailed.

Funny, how know one remembered he grew up here in this mid-west small town. He was just that guy from California. Perhaps, he wanted to keep it that way. Maybe it was best to be the outsider. Therefore, people would listen because after all, didn't everyone want to get out to L.A. where they could make it really big in the celebrity world?

But here he was, away from the big time rush (so to speak) and it was good to be where the economy was OK and everyone seemed quite honest. And he knew Ellis had been competent enough, just as Callum promised. Still, he wasn't so sure he trusted him.

Of course, with this summer starting off, hopefully with a bang, Louis had never felt so alone. It was as if everyone was out there, doing their thing. And here he was manning the phones..and keeping an eye on his sister.

"Don't go messing with the merchandise." He'd told her early on. Besides that, she was on her own. She could find her own place. He was so tired having to keep up with her. Naturally, she was the other reason he moved here. Nobody wanted her around, where they'd come from.

So many times, she'd been close to jail-time from  all the heavy duty partying she'd done. This was her last chance. He reminded her of this everyday. Hopefully, she was listening.

Friday, June 23, 2017

no love lost

no love lost

"Are you sure? You're going to be OK?"

Ellis watched Geo's lips move. Honestly, he didn't know if he heard him correctly. There was enough on his mind to make him hurl these days, but he didn't because he worked as hard as he could with the director, Louis..because he knew Callum would want him, too.

"What are you saying?" Ellis wished Geo would leave him alone, but here he was down at the studio, just as they were finally taking a break for a late dinner.

"I never get to see you anymore." Geo shrugged.

"That's're always with..with..what's her name?" Ellis gave him the eye, as if there was no need for them to talk, anymore.

"Melissa." It wasn't a question. Geo moved in with her.

Ellis sighed, thinking he lived in an entire different universe than Geo. It didn't matter if Geo took over Ellis' job at the funeral home. He was one of them, now. Ellis should have figured it out before now. Geo couldn't go solo, on anything.

"I'm fine." Perhaps, Ellis sounded bitter, but he needed to remember he was going forward. He wanted this life, being a real musician. However, he'd never lived on the road before. He didn't even know what to pack. Still, he was fine.

His work relationship was all he needed. He worked well with Louis, and he'd stopped asking about Callum.

Perhaps, that was the hole in his heart. He did his best not to let himself wonder what happened to him.

If only he'd get a call...a text. Yet as the days trudged on with the long hours of music, Ellis knew now, he must not have meant much to Callum..anyway.