Sunday, March 18, 2018



Will wasn't nearly excited about having a baby around as much as Ivy was. She was far too giddy for him. Didn't she realize they should be going out, during spring break?

"What's the matter with you?" He asked while he watched her with the baby Bella.

"She's so cute." Ivy lifted Bella up in the air and played with her. Finally, after the cheerful play, she put her on the blanket in the floor on her tummy so Bella could do a workout of learning to crawl.

Will sighed, but not too heavily. He didn't want to irritate her.

"But..but I got those tickets to the exhibit you wanted to go too, Fashion through the ages in France." Not that he wanted to go, but he knew she wanted too. He planned to treat her to the French Cafe, afterward. Possibly, not as exciting as going to Paris, but perfect for a student's budget.

"I know, and Winnie or Mom should be back, really soon." She turned to Will.

He hoped so because five minutes with the baby was making him a little nervous.

After Bella rolled over she looked a little unhappy, or maybe she'd startled herself. Ivy picked her up.

"Here, you hold her," Ivy told him he should try it.

"What?" He winced. It wasn't that he hadn't been around babies. It was just not his cup of tea. "Me?"

"I've never seen you hold a baby," Ivy remembered how he didn't hold any of the babies at his house. "You might like it."

"I don't think so." He shook his head, no, but Ivy handed the baby over, anyway. He had no choice but to take her.

The baby instantly smiled.

Will stared at her, thinking didn't she know he was scared of her. Yes, he was afraid he might drop her or she would wiggle out of his grasp, but instead she cuddled up to him.

Will sat down on the couch with her and in a matter of minutes, she was asleep. No pacifier necessary.

"I've been trying all morning to get her to go to sleep." Ivy shrugged as if she didn't understand babies any more than he did.

Saturday, March 17, 2018

I had to get away

I had to get away

Betty knew they were not like other travelers, but the five of them made it to their destination, the beach.

The boys, Brick, and Dewey would be staying in a pop-up camper in the backyard while Lily would sleep with her grandmother Doris and Betty and Ed got the guestroom.

"Are you sure the boys won't be cold?" Doris said it had been down in the 30's lately. It was too cold for spring break, according to her.

"They'll be fine. They're from Nebraska." Betty assured her those two wore shorts when it was that warm. Naturally, she made Doris shiver.

But she had an ample supply of snacks and treats, even take out from the deli at Sam's Club.

Betty told her not to go to so much trouble. After all, her friend was on a simple budget.

"I missed you guys," Doris told them.

"Then, why don't you come home?" Betty was beginning to think Doris was using this Florida gig as a way of not having to face the reality of her husband deterioration. He'd forgotten her completely and now thought he was part of the cast of Hawaii Five-O.

She didn't want to discuss it. They were here to have fun.

Betty knew she was right. She was happy to see her old friend, who looked really good.

And for the first time, she could actually walk down the beach with someone to watch the ocean with and his name was Ed.

Friday, March 16, 2018

dinner party

dinner party

"We could just get take out." Joon shrugged as soon as he saw the dried up roast beef in the oven.

Natalie gave him a miserable look. Her mashed potatoes were practically gravy. He assured her it would make great soup. He went ahead and put an order in for the pizza on his app. It was done, just before a knock came to the apartment door. Still, Natalie was scrambling to find an easy going attitude when their dinner guests arrived.

Dara brought wine.

"Oh, great." Joon smiled hoping no one noticed his sarcasm. Wine always made Natalie a little ditzy. She might have been over twenty-one, but she was definitely a middle schooler when it came to alcohol. He took it and went to open it.

Natalie practically bounced out of the kitchen, as if she loved cooking, but he knew it was just an act. Cooking took a lot out of her. Yet, he knew she needed to do more cooking to get better.

Next thing he knew, Natalie was gushing over Dara, as if she might be her new best friend. Although, Joon didn't see that happening. Natalie hardly made time for the people she did know. She really was a homebody. After all, she was a student with a part-time job.

But she went on and on about Dara and her beautiful outfit. She was so big. But so beautiful.

Joon gritted a smile hoping Dara didn't get peeved. Did Natalie even know she might be dissing the plus sized girl with her compliments?

Joon thought Natalie might settle down after the pizza arrived and the Moscato wine was poured. They made do, entertaining on the coffee table they'd found on the curb a few days ago.

Joon spray painted it black. It went very well with the couch they'd thrifted and thrown a quilted comforter on.

There was a small dining table near the kitchen, but they only used it for homework.

Natalie started in on traveling. Dara talked about her business trips to Arizona and California. She'd won a trip to Waikiki through her company.

"Oh, I want to work there." Natalie was already bubbly after a few sips of wine. Joon could only watch, as he bit his bottom lip. Natalie continued to drink.

She held up a finger after she finished her first glass of white wine. "But first," she giggled. "I want to have a baby." That's when she started talking about Dole and Winnie's baby. She loved that little six month old. And then she started to cry. "When are you going to give me a baby, like that, Joon?"

"Yeah, Joon." Kramer slapped Joon across the back with an open grin. "When?"

Thursday, March 15, 2018

seeing it through

seeing it through

"Just. don't think about it, as having to meet someone," Valentina told Dewey who looked troubled by the spring break trip to Florida. She was waiting for Ollie. "Just go to clear your mind. Enjoy being with yourself."

It caught him off guard. So did the spring break trip to Florida. Evidently, he had no choice in the matter. Still, it seemed Valentina was on his side about this breakup with Angie. Of course, this baffled Dewey, as he went to get a glass a milk to finish off the brownies in the kitchen. He offered her one, but she shook her head, no.

"I see far too many sweets at the bakery," Valentina said rather even lipped. Finally, they heard the steps of Ollie coming down the steps. He had his backpack slung against one arm. He was ready to go to Valentina's.

"Don't have too much fun, now." Dewey did his best to joke.

"I won't," Ollie assured him it would be like boot camp. He would be on his best behavior at Valentina's.

"I would rather be here," Dewey admitted this was the first time he would ever be on an airplane.

"You've got Brick, to get you through this," Ollie smirked.

Dewey rolled his eyes at that. He guessed he'd have to be the cool uncle, after all.

"I hope I don't get sick." Dewey stuffed a brownie in his mouth.

Valentina only smiled. She grabbed Ollie's hand, ready to go. Her mom was waiting in the car.

Dewey envied them. How he wished he hadn't taken Angie for granted.