Friday, September 22, 2017

never did no harm

never did no harm

Gabby walked a little bit of a dance these days. What could it be? She smiled, thinking of somebody's gaze.

Oh, she hoped she wasn't too silly, or stupid. But, Ste almost took her breath away. It was so hard to stay calm around him.

She really did want to put her hands, all over him. Why was she a girl like that? Why?

She knew that was why Howie didn't like her. She was a bit touchy and again. It came second nature to her.

She hoped Ste didn't find her crazy.

Gabby ran up the steps at the back of the bakery and tapped on Ste's door of where he'd taken residence, so he could get to the bakery quickly at four or so in the morning.

He opened the door. She was glad he was happy to see her.

"So, how is it going?" Gabby asked. It was late afternoon now. The bakery was closed.

"Not so bad, I feel like I need 24 hours of sleep, but feels good to be busy." He told her.

She peaked into his place. Just a bare thin bed and an empty bookshelf. There was an electric tea kettle for breakfast and late night soup.

"Want to get a library card?" She then asked.

He shrugged and said, "I guess so."

She told him it was a few blocks away. "But we can walk there." She'd shown him around town the day he'd gotten here. He didn't stay long at Macy's. He said he didn't want to be a bother.

"Don't you have a boyfriend?" He asked after they'd gotten down the street, a block or so past the middle school..going toward the high school.

"No, not lately." She looked at him out of the corner of her eye. She couldn't help but smile and his smile was just as sly.

"Not lately? You've probably have lots of blokes, making them cry..and all." He smirked.

"Not me." She wrinkled a smile and shook her head. He laughed softly.

"Um, my timing must be right." He told her. "I have arrived exactly where I want to be." He stopped and turned to her and took a bow. "In the company of your presence." He looked her in the eye and she couldn't help but giggle.

"I like you." She admitted, thinking she was far more forward than she had ever been with anyone, in ages.

He messed with the top of her hair then.

"Aw, so I'm easy to talk, too. Is that it?" His smile was so inviting. It was hard for Gabby to keep herself from being completely giddy.

Before she knew it, he was putting a lock of her hair behind her ear. He was actually touching her.

Ste pressed his lips tight.

"You, make me think of your sister." He told her.

"But.." Gabby wanted to tell him they were not biological sisters.

"I'm afraid..I'm..I'm still in love with her. So, I can't..I can't do much good, for you." He stepped back to the side of her, and looked away.

"Oh.." Gabby didn't know what to say. "I..I..meant..I..I want to be your friend." She thought she might sink to an all time low.

Why did everyone love Macy?

Gabby gritted a smile and walked on with Ste to the library.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

while its still light

while it's still light

Ed went on with the painting, as if he always did this, but he couldn't remember the last time he'd actually painted a wall, especially with a roller. It was laborious work with the broomstick handle. He did his best not to hit the ceiling.

"Well, I thought.... you were a painter." Betty remembered.

"Yes, that's right." He scratched at the corner of his eye, wondering where he would go from here. He was taking his sweet time. Funny, how he'd missed conversation and of course, a home cooked meal.

"Like an artist?" She winced with her arms crossed.

"Yes." He imagined. He didn't think of himself as a real artist. He was good at reproducing paintings, making them look like somebody But he really didn't do that anymore. It wasn't something, one would advertise to everyday people.

"I'm not a liar." But he didn't completely believe that. "I..I can't say I've got a true calling." He told her he was born here, but he'd been in an orphanage, most of his life. "I really wanted to take care of my son, but I was just a teenager and well, I guess I didn't try hard enough."

"A son? Where is he?" Betty voiced a concern. He could see she was finding him interesting. He couldn't help but smile. He liked it when people found him interesting.

"He's..he's with a foster family," Ed said, thinking he better get this room done and be on his way. She'd already fed him lunch. He might get lucky and she'd let him eat dinner, too.

Betty studied the dark gray walls. He waited to see if he'd done it to her satisfaction. It looked fine to him. Just a little wet.

"We'll get the room ready for you." She told him, he'd have to help her get the bed from the attic. "I think I can find a few more jobs for you to do, around here."

Ed looked at her stunned. Was she serious? He wanted to hug her, but thought it was best not.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

so little to go on

so little to go on

"You..hired a the grocery store?" Doris hoped she didn't ask the question, too loud. She put away the groceries while Betty needed more coffee.

"He's down on his luck." She talked of Hurricane Harvey.

"Is he from..around here?" Doris wondered.

"I dunno, for sure." Betty shrugged.

"What? Do you know about him?" Doris was a little frightened. She still hated to leave the house, and here Betty was, bringing in a stranger.

"He makes me think of someone, I used to know. I just want to help him." Betty looked at her, as if it were no big deal.

Doris smiled weekly, thinking she wanted to call Charlie and see if she could stay with them, for awhile, but she'd be brave like Betty.

"Who does he make you think of?" She winced, thinking her best friend was a little strange..or was she showing signs of losing her mind. What if she was the only sane one here?

"I know Carmen would want me to do the right thing." Betty brought Doris a cup of coffee. Doris sat down at the kitchen table with Betty.

"Don't you worry about a thing. I got a baseball bat. I'm not afraid to use it." Betty told her.

Doris couldn't help but stare at Betty, who kept an even smile. About then, she noticed the tall and rather striking fellow in the kitchen doorway. Ed was ready for some coffee, too. He made himself at home, sitting across the kitchen table from Doris

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

on an ordinary day

on an ordinary day

"I like it here." Omaha decided, with his hands half-way in the front of his jeans pockets. Yes, this was where he wanted to move, too. It wasn't too far from Taylor's(his best friend) and there was Carmen's house (his late best friend from high school), he could see down the street. It was a good location.

He looked over at Sheena who looked a little indifferent. He hadn't been concerned about new windows, flooring or siding. These were things Sheena told him he should look for.

"Well..its not a dump." He told her. Didn't she see they weren't going to give him a brand new house, down at the bank. He wasn't that fortunate, but this was definitely in their means. "The fridge is new. And that stove..did you see the stove?" The kitchen was top notch and the bathroom had been redone..sort of.

"But the so creepy." She hugged herself as if a ghost might live in it.

"Its not that bad." He winced as he imagined mowing the lawn, putting things in the detached garage. They could park in the alley. Off street parking. Wasn't that good? "We could finish it." Maybe going to the washer and dryer was like going into a barn. And the basement steps were steep. "Maybe, we could just buy one of those apartment kind of washer and dryers and put it in the bathroom in the master bedroom."

"Who would do stuff like that?" She wasn't sold on any of this.

"We do, that's who." He winced back at her.

"Oh, Omaha." She shook her head.

"You know, I'm not a millionaire." He reminded her, "And, you, still found a way to love me, anyway."

"OK,"Sheena said. He hugged her tight and he grinned as if he had one the lottery. They could move in next week.