Sunday, May 28, 2017

this too shall pass

This to shall pass

Macy didn't want to think about the conversation with her mother, the day Dustin was at the hospital.

After everyone left, her mom went off the deep end. Luckily, Draco didn't have to witness her mother's fit of venom.

She blamed all this on Dustin. If Macy had never met Dustin... this would not have happened.

Macy watched the baby flinch in his sleep while her mother hissed about Macy's whereabouts. Had she NO SHAME?

"Mom..." Macy waited for her mother to calm down, but she kept repeating the same old story Macy knew by heart. It would not change.

"Dustin is a good guy."

"What!" Her mother was so angry. Macy wondered now how her mother's blood pressure was doing.

"I..I didn't have sex with Dustin, you know. He wasn't that kind of guy. He..he was too good for me." She admitted. Yes, she'd been the problem, not him. He'd always insisted she have a good education. And maybe she did let him down. "So stop blaming him. Just stop."

Luckily, her mother left. Macy hadn't heard from her since. And she was OK with it. Macy remembered when she used to worry so much about her Mom when she was younger.  What was her mother doing, when she wasn't home?

Macy teared up, thinking now, it must have been revenge, giving her mother a taste of her own medicine.

Yes, people did seem to leave Macy. And yes, perhaps she didn't feel all that important to her mother. Not nearly as important as she should have.

But, Macy was a mother now. And the baby was so beautiful. How had that happened? To have something so beautiful.

There was a birthmark on his back. Just a little scar, as if he'd rubbed up against something a little hard. She'd remembered Maxie's back. It was on the same side. It wasn't the only blemish.

His forehead was streaked with a pinkish mark. It turned red when he cried. She didn't know exactly where it came from. It wasn't from Maxie. Finally, her father told her, it would fade. He told her he had one, too.

Macy only smiled. There was so much to learn from her own family, and maybe she would, but right now she was with her little one.

She could only hope..she and the baby.. would always be friends. She'd work hard to make sure he knew how much she loved him.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

here we are

Here WE Are

"What are you guys gonna do?" Brit looked at Gage and then Halie.

Of course, Halie looked so grim as she hugged herself hard.

"I guess, we'll get married before we go." He knew they'd put it off long enough, but Halie's mother was in the hospital, again. They really needed to see her. She'd overdosed on painkillers, again.

Gage looked at Halie, knowing this wasn't the summer she had in mind. All he'd heard lately, was about the summer reading program at the library. She'd been so excited. And things were going so well, for the both of them.

He'd finally got his GED. And, they'd made plans to take Alec to Adventureland for a weekend in June, but Halie's step-dad called. Her mom was sick and in a lot of pain.

Now, Halie didn't want to talk about it. She stood in the center of the kitchen floor as if this was the only place she wanted to be, or the library.

"Well, you don't look like any summer bride, to me." Brit informed her this should be a happy occasion. "It'll be like a honeymoon, in England."

Gage remained even lipped. He highly doubted that, as he put his arm around Halie. He knew it wouldn't be any fun, but they weren't staying there, anymore than a week to visit her mother. As long as they remained together was the only thing that mattered to Gage.

He wanted to see Halie smile, again, but he didn't see that happening, anytime soon.

Friday, May 26, 2017

Its never as simple as you think

its never as simple as you think

"Did, you ever name that baby?" Sky's father wanted to know.

Sky looked at Bill, blankly, as he held the infant who was practically over weight now.

Sky couldn't let the man hold the baby. After all, Sky thought Bill wouldn't be at the house. Sky was actually here to see Bill's wife, not him.

"Oh, uh-huh." Sky nodded. "Hunter."

"Hunter?" His dad winced as if that was different.

Sky nodded, wishing he could confide in someone about his plight, being on his own with the baby. Sam had not came back.

True, she'd made it sound as if she'd come tomorrow, or next week, but it hadn't happened yet. She liked New York City and being with her Mom. It was as if, she needed someone to take care of her. Not this.

"You know, Draco's got a kid, too." His dad sounded so normal. Although, Sky knew this man who he'd called Gramps for so long... was not OK.

Sky nodded with a smile.

If it hadn't been for Sky's mother, he knew the last few weeks would have been horrible. As it was, Sky felt he was getting over the flu. Sometimes, she'd take the baby over night so he could sleep. Now he wondered if he needed to help out with his father.

Finally, he heard someone in the kitchen, but it wasn't Bill's wife, Doris. Someone, brought him coffee.

"Its de-caff." She told him. "Bill loves his caffeine, but it doesn't do the rest of us, any good." Her name was Betty, and she was a friend of Doris'. "I'm only helping out, until they find someone." She was using her vacation to be here.

Sky sighed, wondering what next. How expensive would it be to take care of someone with Alzheimer's.

"Doris is asleep." Betty told him they took shifts with him, keeping an eye on him. "Its not so bad." She told him Bill had to take a happy pill, or he'd be full of emotions. "Its just getting him to sleep at night."

Sky didn't know what to say.

His dad was in the livingroom sitting in his favorite chair watching TV. Of course, he turned up the volume, as loud as it would go.

Betty sighed.

Sky hoped they figured out something soon.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

if its not one thing

if its not one thing

Omaha felt a little self conscious being back at Taylor and Sara's for dinner. Maybe it wouldn't have been so bad if Emily and Mitch hadn't shown up.

Of course, he didn't say much of anything. He couldn't even eat the way he wanted, too. He picked at his food.

"Are you, OK?" Sheena looked at him, as if she was asking 'what's wrong with you'.

If only, he could walk out the back door with his plate of food, he could be on the back step shoveling it in. As it was, he tried his best not to yawn. He was sick of hearing about Hawaii.

"Do you think you guys will ever go?" Emily wanted to know.

Omaha almost snarled his nose as he did his best not to look at her. Didn't she remember who he was?

"I don't think so." He finally said above a breath.

"You two should think about having a destination wedding there." Emily looked at Sheena, as if she'd talk Omaha into it.

Naturally, Sara had to put in her two cents worth about their adventure on a cruise, where they got married.

Finally, Omaha pushed his plate of mashed potatoes and roast beef with gravy, away. The baby was fussing in the other room. Omaha got up to go check on Wednesday.

"You, don't have, too." Minnie told him.

"Just eat." He was tired of all these yuppies. Sheena was one, and he guessed he was suppose to be one too.

He went to see the baby in the crib. Without a second thought, he changed the diaper.

Honestly, he missed the basement. It was cramped at Sheena's. He'd tried to fix the toilet when it was n't working right, but of course, he made it worse. He hadn't done much better with the leaky faucet. Actually, the service guy who helped with the rental, told Sheena not to let her boyfriend do anymore damage to the place.

Omaha was beginning to think he was more trouble than he was worth. How did some of these couples do it?

He knew Sara was brainwashing Taylor. Anything she wanted done, he was there to fix it.

Sheena found Omaha with the baby in the rocking chair. Wednesday really did like to slumber, with her mouth moving as if she was nursing. She could sleep through anything.

"Aw, you two are cute together." She told him as she took a photo from her iPhone.

It was a comfort to hold the sleeping baby. Finally, it felt as if he was doing something right.

"You know, these kind of days don't last long." Minnie told them from the doorway. "You, guys won't want to be around when she gets the colic."

Omaha looked at her. As usual, Minnie was spoiling the moment.