Tuesday, March 28, 2017

like a boomerang

like a boomerang

Lily really wanted to hold the baby, but that wasn't possible. Actually, she couldn't go near the premie ward, but Sky sent her some pictures on her smart phone. She showed her Mom, Charlie, some pictures of the tiny being. Sky's mother didn't go in the infant nursery, either. Still Lily was glad to go to the hospital.

"I'm not sure if she's my great aunt or not. Does Gran have a sister?" She asked her Mom.

"I'm not sure." Charlie shrugged. "She's family."

Lily nodded.

"How come I don't see her very often? Did she just move to town?" Lily had more questions to ponder.

"Don't think so." Charlie was getting some laundry folded.

"Nico and Mitch are in town." Lily announced. Usually, she saw them during the fall holidays, not in the spring.

"They don't live that far away, you know." Her mom explained. "If you really want to see them, some time, we could take you."

"Really?" Lily smiled. "I think they're getting a baby."

"A baby?" Charlie smiled back. "When did this happen?"

"I heard them talking to Gran, about it." Lily shrugged.

"You, weren't ease-dropping, were you?" Charlie gave her the eye.

"I dunno, was I?" She almost winked.

"Maybe we should wait to hear the news from them, first." Charlie handed her a small pile of pink T-shirts and leggins.

Lily liked knowing things sooner. Of course, she felt she was last to know everything.

"Mom, you will tell me first, when we're getting a baby, right?" Lily wanted to know.

Charlie nodded, folded another towel. "Don't get your hopes up, it won't be this year."

Lily turned back as she started to her room.

"Don't wait too long." Lily did hope to have a baby sister before she went to middle school.

Charlie only smiled. "I'll keep that in mind."

Monday, March 27, 2017

We gotta have patience

We gotta have patience

Taylor needed a nap. He had hauled Sheena's regular sized bed off to Good Will with Omaha.

She was a little sentimental about it. She'd had that bed since she was 8 years old.

"Well, I think it was time to get rid of it." Taylor couldn't think it would be good to keep. After all, Omaha's was new and a Queen sized. Although, it was a bit of a squeeze in Sheena's tiny space, but somehow they got it in there.

Now Minnie and Sheena were getting the bedroom together. Of course, she had baby Nadine on her back. Taylor asked Sara to watch her, but the toddler made her nervous.

"I just hope Minnie won't be overworked." Taylor thought it was sad that Minnie didn't have her husband around, yet there was Josh, but he was at work. He said he wanted to help.

"I doubt that." Omaha shrugged as if Minnie was used to this kind of thing, so was the baby.

"And you two are really getting married?" Taylor shook his head, at that.

"Yeah, it wasn't like..you know..in the movies, or anything." Omaha shrugged.

"Uh-huh." Taylor guessed they'd wait until Josh came, before they started gathering their stuff to take to Taylor's.

"So..what is the deal with Josh and Minnie?" Taylor scratched the back of his head in thought, hoping those two weren't just together because they didn't have anyone else.

"Well, they're sleeping together." Omaha looked at Taylor as if that was enough to know.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

I've been putting sorrow on the farest place on my shelf

I've been putting sorrow on the farest place on my shelf

"Its..crazy..isn't it?" Draco said when he shut off the car, back in the apartment driveway. He and Macy were alone.

Lily was going to help Rebecca pack a dinner to take to Sky at the hospital. She would drop Lily off, at Charlie's (Lily's mother).

"See..why I wasn't up..for us going over there?" Draco looked at Macy, a little sad.

"Its all right, you are lucky, you know." Macy told him.

"Lucky?" He didn't quite believe that.

"You, guys aren't mad at each other." Macy told him it wasn't like that with her mother. "I dunno, I guess my mom and I must be too much a like. She was mad at her mom about how she grew up and I was mad at my Mom how she was about leaving me with my grandmother. If..if only, she could have helped with her, but she didn't. She always felt like she had to take care of her mom when she was growing up..and then she was mad at my dad. I'm still not sure I want to figure her out."

It was getting cold, sitting in the car. They soon went into the building and got inside the apartment.

"Well, my dad always wanted my brother and me to be police officers. He never liked the fact that I loved art. He made me feel guilty.. about a lot of things, and the whole time, he'd started a whole  other family with a younger woman. It just made me bitter." He sighed, thinking they should eat, but as if was, they'd eaten too much as it was, so they sat on the couch and she rested her feet in his lap.

"But..you really are such good friends with your ex." Macy smiled.

"That's Charlie's doing." He assured her. "I think we like each other, better now." Perhaps, if he wasn't so comfortable with his situation with his ex, he wouldn't be at all comfortable with his own family. "Anyway, my mom's a rock."

He knew this now, even if he thought for months she'd grown frail. He was certain she might need assistant living. But all along, it was as if she was falling into what ever this was with his Dad, who's mind had not been the same since the first stroke.

It was true. His mom didn't like cooking and cleaning anymore. It was as if she'd shut down too, but this thing with Sky and the baby had perked her up.

Yes, that baby was going to live, and he'd brought a lot of life to those who loved him.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

the light at the end of the tunnel

should have known better

Rebecca did her best to play her part. Funny, how some things didn't change, and maybe it was just as well.

She was grateful to have some conversations with Sam's mom. At least, Sam was resting now. Maybe she would recover and be back home in a week or so, but Rebecca wasn't counting on it.

She neglected to tell anyone that she was with Steve now, a police officer. Honestly, she often wondered why she got mixed up with men in uniform.

But they'd been friends, when she was seeing Bill (he liked her to call him that, but she doubted it was really his name..just like the rest of this fake life with Sky's real family).

Steve was divorced now and somehow they'd found each other, over the past year. He knew about Bill. Steve knew he wasn't doing all that well with his memory loss, from the strokes. Rebecca was sure Bill had had another, maybe more, but no one seemed to mention this.

She went to help herself to some lemonade. She didn't drink, anymore.

Honestly, she was worried about Sky, but he hadn't really reached out to her, Nico had.

"So what have you been up too?" Bill's wince was serious as he looked at Rebecca. Suddenly, she thought she might choke on her fresh greens, but she chewed slowly, thinking how was she suppose to get through this.

Yes, it was all so fake, like being part of a soap opera, yet, this was the family she was bound too. And she did like so many of them..just not Bill.

"Well, uh..I gotta dog."

"Oh, I bet Star loves that, what grade is she in now?" He wanted to know.

Rebecca cleared her throat. She felt faint. Why did he bring her name up?

"Honey, you know, Star's not here." Doris spoked up and squeezed Rebecca's hand.

He said nothing more.

"Actually," Rebecca smiled. "I'm getting married."

"Getting married." He sounded as if he was talking to someone in another room. "Where is he?"

"He's at work, right now." She nodded. She promised she'd bring him over soon.